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"I started with Elevated Athletics because I was ready for a change..."



"I started with Elevated Athletics because I was ready for a change. It was a struggle, in the beginning, to keep going, working, kids activities and it’s hard work. Consistency and discipline are what got me to this point. It’s a lifestyle and I love it. I’ve gained so much confidence and feel so much better! 


Tobias kept me motivated ,gave the extra

push & stayed on my ass! He told me, in the beginning, I want your first picture and end-of-the-summer picture to look so different and I accomplish that goal! Every time I step out they say that body is SNATCHED!!! If you want it you will get it!

He is highly recommended!! As you see it can be done!"



"When I first started training with Tobias I weighed 210 lb. I had recently lost my job and was dealing with a breakup. I was depressed and severely overeating! Tobias never gave up on me and never let me slack off! I've never been considered and athlete, so basic running or even jumping rope was hard. He started me training 3x a week.


Over the course of a year I made my way to training 5 days a week consistently! Tobias taught me how to push my body, mind and build endurance! Throughout our journey I lost 56 lb (210 lb- 154 lb). I'm forever grateful to Tobias for helping me change my lifestyle! He really is the best trainer there is!



"Tobias is an excellent trainer. Down to Earth, humble and very relatable! His training style some days is intense! Being that I'm over 40 years old and hadn't worked that hard since my 20's!


I started at a very unhealthy 230lb and ended up at 209 lb. I lost body fat and gained muscle! I witnessed other people transform alongside me and I recommend Tobias to anyone in need of a trainer!



I started working with Tobias about a year ago, and I have been thrilled with my progress. My goals were to get stronger and tone rather than lose weight on the scale. Tobias has taken the time to learn about my medical history and take my limitations due to surgeries and an autoimmune disorder into consideration.


He has been creative in his exercise choices for me and made accommodations for me while also pushing me to do more that I thought I could. I am stronger, have better balance and stamina and the changes are noticeable to myself and others. 



"I began working with Tobias at a point where I hit a wall. What I was doing in the gym wasn’t working! I was tired of making excuses! I decided to give his training a shot and I’m glad I did! It was more than just a dreadful workout, his training style is truly an experience! He opened eye to fitness as life style not a "quick fix"! I finally had someone holding me accountable daily. I began feeling better both inside and out.


His training pushes you to new heights and I felt great inside and out! I accomplished way more physically than I ever knew I could! Which let me know I was in good hands! I lost body fat and gained muscle in all the right places! I owe this lifestyle change to Tobias!



“I started with Tobias in January. At first it was just about losing pounds because I had hit a plateau working out by myself. He quickly got me out of the plateau and about 9 months later I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 9!


Working out with Tobias has become about more than just weight loss. He has made me stronger and has me moving my body in ways I never thought I could. I’m so glad I decided to get a trainer and I’m so glad it was him!”



My journey with Tobias and Elevated Athletics has been nothing short of amazing. I started this Journey a little less  than a year ago at my heaviest weight ever. I wasn’t able to move without heavy breathing, and couldn’t go up a flight of stairs without stopping.


My first day I remember vividly not being able to complete a single burpee, Now I am the self proclaimed BURPEE QUEEN! I am down 30 pounds and counting (can’t stop won’t stop).


My wedding is in less 20 days away and I have never looked better but most importantly felt this AMAZING!



Training with Tobias will get you the results you desire if you are dedicated to your fitness journey because he is just as dedicated to helping you achieve the results you want. He is going to hold you accountable and also give you guidance throughout your journey. He is going to push you above what you think you’re capable of and also make it fun at the same time.


I lost 10 pounds in the first month and more than 30 pounds overall. I also gained strength and endurance during my time training with him.

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